Nonsequitur: Occupiers of Wherever

October 19, 2011

From the Oregonian:

Occupiers of Wherever, I have bad news for you: Billionaires make their billions by selling stuff for $49.95 with a two-year contract to “occupiers” like you. If you have a smart phone/pad, are sleeping in an REI tent, wear Nike/Adidas/Reebok, shop at Trader Joe’s, drink Starbucks (organic) coffee, occasionally eat at McDonald’s, or bought a new hybrid with “cash for clunkers,” you are part of the problem. You buy their stuff. That’s how they got rich.

You wanted that new iPhone with the latest apps preloaded. You signed up for guaranteed college loans to pay for a degree in “liberal studies.” You can’t wait to update your Facebook page or Tweet with your latest exploits. You love stuff. Admit it.

Greed isn’t only for the rich. We live in a cage we built ourselves out of the stuff we bought, usually on credit. (Nice sleeping bag, by the way.)


More commentary on OWS here.


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