Compare these two excerpts of Michigan’s  ironically named Off the Record:


I love that the candidate and journalists are so close they have to look each other in the eyes as they question and answer.  I also like the crowd that “appears” when we go Behind the Scenes.  But where’s the sweater vest?


There is no question that President Obama has spent more than any administration since FDR with much of that spending “borrowed”.   See the charts below:


Federal Non Defense Spending


Federal Deficit Spending


But was the spending worth it?  It seems that the economy is improving.  Did the bailouts and stimulus (stimuli?) actually help?  Conn Carroll argues that the economy is improving IN SPITE of Obama.  What do you think?


Does it matter? Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, thinks so.

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, refuses to bring a budget bill to the floor for the third year in a row.

Oh yeah …

Bonus: The 80’s Personality Test