Nonsequitur: The President Tells Stories

July 20, 2012

Last week with Charlie Rose, President Obama said: “The mistake of my first couple of years was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right. But, you know, the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the American people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism.”

Peggy Noonan correctly notes that the American people don’t need another story, another narrative from the President:

The American people tell you the narrative. They look at the facts produced by your leadership, make a judgment and sum it up. The summation is spoken—the story told—at a million barbecues in a million back yards.  The narrative on the president right now is: He’s not a bad guy, but it hasn’t worked.  Some people will vote for him anyway, some won’t. But all, actually, know it hasn’t worked. That’s the narrative.

Besides, do we really need more “stories” coming out of Washington DC?  Solve some of the country’s problems first, then we’ll talk.


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  1. […] course, Charlie Rose wasn’t tough with President Obama either. So I guess that’s “fair and balanced.”) Share this:TwitterFacebookLike […]

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