Nonsequitur: A Long List of Lefty Liars

August 16, 2012

Two authors, Victor Davis Hansen and Mona Charen, recently wrote articles lamenting the decline of principles demonstrated by liberal leaders in government and media. They do not write about broken campaign promises or controversial interpretations of law. Nor do they focus on unmet goals or failures due to outside forces.  Instead, they point to documented occurances where these leaders knowingly lied for political and/or personal gain.  They all got caught, but because of their positions of power, they seem to have gotten away with it.   Public shaming may be our last recourse.

The full articles are linked below for fact-checkers or lawyers. But here is Hansen’s and Charen’s long list of lefty liars. (The order is mine.)

Barack Obama

Joe Biden

Bill Clinton

Al Gore

Harry Reid

Nancy Pelosi

Timothy Geithner

Eric Holder

Hilda Solis

Rahm Emanuel

Stephanie Cutter

David Plouffe

Robert Gibbs

Elizabeth Warren

John Edwards

John Kerry

Joe Soptic

Eliot Spitzer

Fareed Zakaria

Maureen Dowd

Andrea Mitchell

Doris Kearns Goodwin

Ward Churchill

Sources:  Unfit to Govern, Mona Charen & Our Not So Best and Not So Brightest, Victor Davis Hansen


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