The Washington Examiner’s Charlie Spiering highlights costs of the FCC Lifeline Program.  Lifeline was originally created to provide free landline phone service to low income households for emergency and basic usage.  Since the mid-90s, it has been funded primarily by the Universal Service Charge included on all consumer phone accounts  But in 2008, the program was expanded to include free cell phones and service. 

The cost of the program skyrocketed from about $800 Million to more than $1.25 Billion, with evidence of wide-spread fraud.  There are proposals in both the House and Senate to reform Lifeline in order to return the program to its original intent, provide low cost basic phone service for those who need it most.  Spiering points to Rep. Tim Griffin’s video “Uncle Sam’s Unlimited Plan” for details.


Americans for Tax Reform offers a full list of Obama tax hikes here.  Many of them are encoded in the “Affordable Health Act.”

My personal favorite is the last one listed, the  “economic substance doctrine.”  This authorizes the IRS to DISALLOW LEGAL DEDUCTIONS if the IRS determines them to be without “substance” and solely for the purpose of reducing taxes.

The president opted not to meet individually with world leaders gathered in New York to discuss the violence in the Middle East or the European Economy.  Instead, he went on “The View” and referred to himself as “eye candy.”  Below is my favorite Tweeted response:

Update:  In a related story, a secretly taped audio file has been released, reportedly of President Obama meeting with advisors to discuss his plans for a second term.

Univision interviewed President Obama on Thursday. It was a good interview, with Maria Elena Salinas and Jorge Ramos asking some tough questions. One thing they asked was what the President thought was his worst failure. Below is his response.

Conn Carroll offers a good summary, but the full transcript of the interview is here.  Kudos to Univision for quality journalism and challenging the President in a respectful way.

From the 2012 AARP Convention:

The full text of this speech is available here:

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