Nonsequitur: Top 10 Things Happening While Obama Was On Letterman

September 19, 2012

President Obama didn’t have time to meet with Netanyahu, but he did have time to go on David Letterman (and then hang with Jay-Z.)  Here are the top 10 things that have happened while he was schmoozing and fundraising:

10. Protesters in Beijing China surrounded and detained US Ambassador Gary Locke’s car. (The ambassador was unharmed, although the car was damaged.)

9. A Department of Justice report was released that found “lack of oversight and control” over Operation Fast and Furious and a blatant “disregard for public safety.”

8. Major wild fires continued to burn and spread in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

7. Major layoffs were announced by American Airlines, Siemens Energy and Alpha Natural Resources.

6. NATO and US military officials  announced they were curtailing joint Afghan operations due to recent “inside” attacks and other threats throughout the country.

5. Various sources reported that the US received and failed to act on prior warnings about both the Libya embassy attack and the Cairo embassy attack.

4. Violent protests continued against the US consulates in Pakistan, Indonesia, Kashmir and Thailand.

3. The unemployment rate remains over 8% for the 43rd month in a row.  (That’s a new record!)

2.  The National Debt exceeds $16.4 Trillion (Another record!)

And the top thing happening while Obama was on Letterman –

1. The media continued to be more concerned about what Romney said than what Obama did (or did not) do as president.

Not very funny, is it?


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