Nonsequitur: 21 New Taxes Under Obama

September 27, 2012

Americans for Tax Reform offers a full list of Obama tax hikes here.  Many of them are encoded in the “Affordable Health Act.”

My personal favorite is the last one listed, the  “economic substance doctrine.”  This authorizes the IRS to DISALLOW LEGAL DEDUCTIONS if the IRS determines them to be without “substance” and solely for the purpose of reducing taxes.


One Response to “Nonsequitur: 21 New Taxes Under Obama”

  1. […] Yep.  As predicted, taxes will go up as part of the “fiscal cliff deal,” and not just for the wealthy.  Income tax rates will go up for the wealthy (income over $400K), but the payroll tax will increase for 77% of American households.  On average, families will see an increase of $1000 for payroll tax.  (This is on top of tax increases related to the Affordable Care Act.) […]

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