Nonsequitur: Blood Of My Son

November 1, 2012

The San Diego Union-Tribune asks what and when President Obama knew about the Benghazi attack and lack of security support.  But it is Charles Woods, father of Tyrone Woods, the former Navy SEAL killed in the Benghazi attack, who best summarizes why we need to know:

I can’t imagine anyone with any heart that would watch a battle rage for seven hours knowing that heroes were there that were going to be slaughtered if you didn’t have help sent in. … Whoever it was that was in that room watching that video of my son dying, their cries for help, their order ‘don’t help them at all, let them die’ … you have the blood of my son, you have the blood of an American hero on your hands. I don’t know who you are, but one of these days the truth will come out

The U-T suggests that the truth will eventually come out via bi-partisan commission, or perhaps the  media (who so far have been disinterested in the issue.)  But the American people need and deserve the truth from the President now, not after the election.

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