At the End of the Progressive Rainbow

November 21, 2012

President Obama’s reelection has everyone thinking of the possibility of a shift in the direction our country will take.  Some point to Europe as the model, but really California is the best example of where Progressive taxes, education, social welfare, business regulation and environmental policies can take us.  Californians have already put into place a majority of the policies (and taxes) that Obama and the Progressive Left say they want.

To see the results of these Progressive Reforms, I suggest reading recent analyses by Charlotte Allen, Joel Kotkin, Conn Carroll, and (the always entertaining) Bill Frezza.  If you like your facts cold and hard, just see the State of California’s budget. (Greece has less debt than California.)

California has, in many ways, been a leader in culture and in policy.  But chronic debt, high unemployment, record numbers of welfare recipients, businesses leaving the state in droves and overwhelming public pension liabilities point to an upcoming crisis of epic proportions.  The irony is that all of these problems were brought about by an unabashed adoption of the “Progressive Agenda” by voters and political leaders.  Sometimes you get what you ask for, almost always with unintended consequences.


One Response to “At the End of the Progressive Rainbow”

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