Nonsequitur: Some Tough Questions About Us

February 22, 2013

Victor Davis Hanson asks how we’ve changed over the past few years:

When did 7.8% unemployment become the new normal?

Are we always to borrow $1 trillion a year?

Will the national debt always rise, never decline?

When did the idea of citizenship largely disappear?

When did we expect the elite to enjoy their wealth and to rail against its acquisition?

When did the 47% — or is it the 50%? — pay no federal income taxes?

Will we soon be charged by the banks for “protecting” our deposits?

Did we notice our newsreaders are virtual government employees?

Something strange has insidiously happened to the old notion of hypocrisy. Does it even exist any longer?

Of course, Hanson offers some answers in his essay.  What do you think?



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