Nonsequitur: “Washington owes the American people a responsible, balanced budget.”

March 12, 2013

Rep. Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, presented a budget plan today with the goal of a balanced budget in 10 years.  Ryan proposes to do this by reforming the tax code and entitlement programs, cutting “wasteful” spending, and repealing the Affordable Care Act.  Details of the plan are available here.


The Democratic-controlled Senate (who haven’t released a budget in over 3 years) are promising to propose an alternative budget with similar debt savings using increased domestic program spending and increased taxes.

Update:  Ryan’s budget could do more than balance the budget; it might actually provide a surplus!  Also, despite Democrats’ claim, his new budget does include some tax increases, namely those already approved this year as part of the “fiscal cliff” agreement.  Ryan’s is a “balanced approach” as Obama has defined it.


2 Responses to “Nonsequitur: “Washington owes the American people a responsible, balanced budget.””

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