Nonsequitur: Documenting Lies and Cover Up in the Benghazi Affair

April 24, 2013

A new interim report released jointly by 5 US House Committees documents how the Obama administration lied about the State Department’s handling of security in Benghazi and then covered up relevant information in their reporting after the attacks.  The report includes a recognition that Secretary Clinton’s testimony to Congress is contradicted by facts.


This short report is clear, well organized and easy to read.  I encourage you to read it.  (If you’d like a quick review of the Benghazi affair, click here.)


2 Responses to “Nonsequitur: Documenting Lies and Cover Up in the Benghazi Affair”

  1. […] “enemies”.  He monitors news agencies.  When he is caught lying to the public, he denies knowledge of his administration’s cover up.  When pressed, he stonewalls and claims executive privilege.  Sound […]

  2. […] the President misled the public about Obamacare (“if you like it, you can keep it”) and misled about Benghazi (“It was that despicible YouTube video”). We also know the IRS was targeting political […]

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