Nonsequitur: Big Government Is Bad Government

May 17, 2013

Senator Mike Lee (R, Utah) doesn’t think the recent scandals (IRS, AP, Obamacare Costs, etc.) are actually about President Obama or the Democrats.  He believes these problems, along with others we currently face, were caused by the size and structure of government that Obama AND previous administrations have grown over the past decades.

Abuse of power, corruption, cronyism — this is what always happens when  government gets too big. The Founders knew that over time, either the  people would control the government, or the government would control the people.  That’s why they bequeathed to us a constitutionally limited government — a  republic, if we could keep it.

The Senator argues that the solution is not to “demonize” the administration, but to show voters why they should support those who would lessen the federal government’s power over the people.

What do you think?  Is this about how we organize our own government as Lee argues?  Or is this a failure of leadership as Kimberly Strassel believes?  (Both?)


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