Nonsequitur: Why These Scandals Matter

May 22, 2013

I’ve heard Obama staff and supporters claim that the recent scandals were not “really” scandals.  President Obama has tried to blame the Benghazi Affair on the Republicans.  And, of course, Hilary Clinton’s infamous “What difference does it make?!” outburst typifies this administration’s views.

However, Victor Davis Hanson sums up neatly why it matters :

In the matters of the Associated Press surveillance, the IRS scandal, and Benghazi, the White House prevailed — keeping from the public embarrassing and possibly illegal behavior until the president was safely reelected.

The President and his staff either lied or knowingly withheld information from the public for their own personal gain.  This is immoral, irresponsible and, possibly, illegal.  The Republicans are not over-reaching.  They are doing the truth seeking that the media will not do, even when they are the targets of this administration’s dirty tricks.

These scandals give us a clearer picture of the morals of President Obama and his administration.  It is not a pretty picture.


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