Cinema Verite: The Road to Serfdom in Cartoons

June 25, 2013

For our 300th posting, we present an abbreviated version of Friedrich A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom (originally posted in Look Magazine, 1945).

The Road to Serfdom is not yet in the public domain.  (It is available at your local bookstore, of course.)  However, The institute of Economic Affairs does offer a condensed version, along with the essay, The Intellectuals and Socialism, and commentary here.


One Response to “Cinema Verite: The Road to Serfdom in Cartoons”

  1. […] Why does this matter?  If the last three presidents (and others before them) knowingly violated the law, isn’t this now an accepted norm?   As Freidrich Hayak put it, “”Stripped of all technicalities, [the rule of law] means that government in all its actions is bound by rules fixed and announced beforehand – rules which make it possible to foresee with fair certainty how the authority will use its coercive powers in given circumstances and to plan one’s individual affairs on the basis of this knowledge.”  (The Road to Serfdom).     […]

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