Nonsequitur: Libertarian Populism

July 17, 2013

Whether you are talking about regulations, spending, public surveillance or Constitutional limits, the differences between the Clinton, Bush (W.) and Obama administrations have been in degree, not focus. We’ve had 20 years of growing bureaucracy and debt, coupled with shrinking individual freedom and opportunity. We’ve had presidents who have ignored or openly broken Constitutional requirements (the law). And our Congress has failed to represent the needs of people, instead choosing to side with big business and big unions.

We’ve tried big government, both the neocon Republican version and the progressive Democrat version, and learned that it doesn’t work. Gainful employment, real earnings, academic performance, quality of life and trust in government have steadily declined. The “solutions” that our leaders have offered us (the Patriot Act, the Affordable Care Act, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, etc.) have rewarded a privileged few, while offering little to the general public except increased rules and public debt. Our leaders’ promises of jobs, inexpensive healthcare and education, and a safer, more cooperative world were not kept.

We need to try something different. We need to apply principles we know have worked in the past in new, innovative ways with self discipline and a respect for the law. Timothy Carney and Conn Carroll have offered some specific program and policy suggestions. But what is needed in general is a simplified tax code, a reduction in federal regulations and surveillance, elimination of waste and fraud in Federal agencies and programs, and an increased respect for the right of self-determinism via state and local governments, and the open marketplace. While rarely practiced, there are precedents for successful application of these principles, namely the Reagan, Kennedy and Coolidge administrations. It can be done, and we need to do it.


One Response to “Nonsequitur: Libertarian Populism”

  1. I am all for lowering the amount of government control. They are involved to much in our lives already. It is impossible for anyone to make a decent living anymore and job security…huh that’s funny. Good post though enjoyed reading it!

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