Nonsequitur: Phony Scandals?

July 27, 2013

President Obama has called the various scandals being investigated by Congress “phony.”

Are they? Is the death of four Americans due the failure of the administration to act either before or during the Benghazi attack a real scandal? Is the IRS targeting conservative groups to delay their participation in the 2012 election a scandal? How about the IRS spending millions of dollars on conferences and junkets for IRS staff and managers? Is it important that the Justice Department illegally “trolled” data from telecommunications companies, accessing information on millions of Americans without cause or warrant? What about secretly investigating journalists who are critical of the administration’s policies? Is it a scandal that President Obama ordered two Americans, suspected of being terrorists but never charged nor tried, killed overseas? How about refusing to enforce current laws that the President disagrees with or selectively enforcing only those parts that he thinks proper?

Make up your mind for yourself. You can read through the details of these various scandals here: It’s a lot to read through, I know. Sadly, this administration’s disrespect for the law is far reaching.

Decrying these scandals as “phony” is as genuine a defense as Nixon’s or Clinton’s claims of innocence. The President of the United States swears to uphold the Constitution and laws of this nation. President Obama (and Nixon and Clinton) broke that oath.

One Response to “Nonsequitur: Phony Scandals?”

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