Nonsequitur: A War on Christians?

August 19, 2013


In Egypt: “As of Sunday night, some 58 churches, as well as several convents, monasteries, and schools, dozens of Christian homes and businesses, even the YMCA, have been documented as looted and burned or subject to other destruction by Islamist rioters. The Coptic Pope remains in hiding and many Sunday services did not take place as Christian worshipers stayed home, fearing for their lives. A dozen or so Christians have been attacked and killed for being Christian so far.”  (Read more here.)

In Nigeria: “More than 900 Christians were slaughtered in Nigeria last year, giving it the distinction of  being the nation with the highest Christian death toll.  All were victims of the Boko Haram group and other Islamic militants, CBN  News reports.”  (Read more here.)

In Syria: “Christians are the targets of an ethno-religious cleansing by Islamist militants and courts. In addition, they have lost the protection of the Assad government, making them easy prey for criminals and fighters, whose affiliations are not always clear. Wherever they appear, Islamist militias have made life impossible for the Christians.” (Read more here.)

According to the Vatican, Christians all over the world face persecution and death by the thousands, including countries that the US has “liberated” such as Iraq and Afghanistan.



One Response to “Nonsequitur: A War on Christians?”

  1. […] I’ve written before, Christians across the world are being arrested, imprisoned, tortured and killed by the thousands. […]

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