Nonsequitur: It’s Not Really a “Shutdown”

October 1, 2013

The Senate has rejected the House’s most recent offer to “conference.” Both President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Reid have openly rejected any compromise affecting the Affordable Care Act. The House Republicans first tried to defund, then delay, then partially delay the ACA as a condition for a budget extension. Since no agreement could be negotiated on the budget, the government shuts down … sort of.

According the AP (via an ABC affiliate), Social Security and Medicare benefits won’t stop. Active duty military stay on duty (and will be paid). Air traffic controllers stay on the job. School lunches will continue to be served. Mail will be delivered. Most VA services are funded in advance and will be uninterrupted. Most passport and visa services are paid by fees, so most Consular services will continue. The White House will remain open with a reduced staff. The Senate and the House will continue to meet (and refuse to compromise). Most, but not all, national parks will be closed. And while many online Healthcare Market Exchanges are not working this morning (technical difficulties), the “individual mandate” of the ACA will still be in effect. Taxpayers pay, even during a “shutdown.”

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