Nonsequitur: The State Exchanges Aren’t Working Either

November 13, 2013

OK. The federal health exchange isn’t working, but what about the 12 states that have their own exchanges set up? Those are working fine, right? Wrong. James Taranto reports that all the state exchanges are reporting low enrollment, technical problems and crashes.

My personal favorites:

Massachusetts, where they’ve had an exchange already set up since 2006, is facing major glitches including problems processing applicants with hyphenated names and incorrectly identifying applicants as incarcerated. Of course, Massachusetts had to gut their working exchange and start over to meet Obamacare requirements.

Oregon has not signed up ANY applicants through Cover Oregon. State officials decided not to open enrollment at all due to inaccurate information about tax credits and other benefits. The Small Business portion of Cover Oregon isn’t functional at all.


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