What Difference Does It Make? A “Fake” Jobs Report

November 23, 2013

Yet another scandal from the Obama Administration. Through a change in administrative rules, the White House gained control of Census data management (with the department reporting directly to Rahm Emmanual). Then just before the Presidential Election of 2012, a report was released announcing that unemployment, based on Census numbers, had decreased from 8.1% to 7.8%. Good news and good timing for the President. Unfortunately, the data was manipulated and the numbers were most likely false. More details here and here.

We know the President misled the public about Obamacare (“if you like it, you can keep it”) and misled about Benghazi (“It was that despicible YouTube video”). We also know the IRS was targeting political groups unfriendly to President Obama’s re-election. Now this. Would it have mattered? If the American public knew the true costs of Obamacare, the true cause of loss of life in Benghazi and the unethical (and probably illegal) use of public resources for political gain, would they have voted the same way? We’ll never know.


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