At the End of the Progressive Rainbow: “The Young Have Been Had”

December 19, 2013

Victor Hanson Davis summarizes what the 60’s generation has left the Millennials:

“They have received a worse education than did prior generations at a far greater cost in mostly borrowed money. There are fewer job opportunities and higher taxes. Others ran up the huge debt; young people will largely pay for it over the next half-century.” AND “Millennials already pay high payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare coverage for the elderly. Yet most economists predict that both programs will soon prove insolvent and will not be able to extend the present level of benefits to young contributors when they retire.”

In short, Millenials have been raised in a culture and taught in schools to accept the responsibility to pay for the benefits of their elders. They have been taught not to question authority, not to challenge authority, but to serve it. The “Me Generation” has lived up to its name. It really is all about them.


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