Nonsequitur: Conservative Social Justice

January 31, 2014

Arthur C. Brooks offers a challenging, intriguing discussion of Conservatives and Poverty. Conservatives are usually pretty clear about what they are against, and Brooks demonstrates this is mostly correct. But what are Conservatives “for”? How can a philosophy of limited government and a focus on maximum individual freedom help those who have little to begin with? The article is long and may challenge Conservative readers, but it is well worth the time and thought the article demands.

I don’t agree with everything Brooks says, and while his diagnosis seems accurate to me, his prescription is weak on specifics. But imagine if our Conservative leaders really turned their attention to this question. What if we locked Paul Ryan and Rand Paul and Scott Walker and Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio and, yes, Chris Christie in a room and didn’t let them out until they could clearly explain what a Conservative is “for” and how that can help the poor? I bet it wouldn’t take them too long.

Hopefully, in the upcoming Congressional election and subsequent Presidential election, Conservative candidates realize that the real goal is to help everyone improve their lot in life, but especially to help those below move into the American Middle Class. What we should want to “conserve” most of all is the American Dream for all.

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