What Difference Does It Make? Obama vs. Bush vs. Reagan

February 21, 2014

Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute makes interesting comparisons of Presidents Obama, Reagan and Bush. The difference in impact of their respective economic policies are significant:

In short, Reagan’s economic policies rapidly grew the economy and jobs while reducing inflation. While not responsible for the recession of 2007/2008, Obama’s economic policies have failed to generate a robust recovery. Instead, Obama continued or accelerated “big government” policies initiated by George W. Bush, with slower economic growth and minimal job production. In other words, controlled government spending and limited regulations lead to growth and jobs. Higher deficit spending and increased regulations lead to slower growth and fewer jobs.

If we want results like President Reagan had, then we need to change our policies to emulate his conservative approach. If we want continued economic stagnation, then we should continue the policies of Obama and Bush.


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