A new study by American Action Forum reviewed the impact of state minimum wages higher than current federal rate ($7.25/hr) in 2013. Researchers looked at 19 states and found that for every $1 above the federal rate, states experienced a 1% increase in overall unemployment and a 4% increase in teen unemployment. They also found a negative job creation effect from raising minimum wages. Read the complete study here.

When I heard about the study showing that San Francisco’s ban on plastic bags had led to a spike in disease and even death, I thought it was a joke. It isn’t. Read the study for yourself. (I especially like the cost comparison between the value of human lives lost and animals saved.)


Pundits and politicians around the Western world keep saying, over and over, “Putin is no Hitler.” Even my favorite historian, Walter Russell Mead, says it – at least three times – in a recent article comparing Putin’s moves in Crimea and the Ukraine with Hitler’s actions in eastern Europe. Unfortunately, Mead’s article demonstrates an incredibly strong resemblance between the two. If Putin isn’t Hitler, he certainly acts like Hitler. I hope Mead and the others are right, but I keep thinking about the great minds of Europe who thought they could negotiate with Hitler for “peace in our time.” I hope we don’t make the same mistake they did.

"...we'll tell them they can keep their plans..."

“…we’ll tell them they can keep their plans…”

Not Paul Ryan. Not Rand Paul. The President and the Democrat-controlled Congress of 2009/2010 cut Medicare when they passed the “Affordable Care Act” (without any Republican votes). Don’t believe me? Read this. And it doesn’t just cut benefits to seniors, it also kills jobs.

Remember the IRS scandal, the agency targeting Conservative non-profits for “review” while ignoring Progressive groups? The EPA shows similar bad habits with FOIA requests. The agency has released documents for 28 out of 50 requests by Democratic campaign research groups, but 0 (that’s “zero”) to Republican groups. More details here.