Nonsequitur: Four Words to Stop Putin

March 3, 2014


“Missile Shield” and “Keystone Pipeline”

President Obama foolishly took our main military deterrent unilaterally off the table when he cancelled the installation of the “Missile Shield” in Poland and the Czech Republic. Now that Russia has shown its militaristic intentions, the President can threaten to bring it back. (He doesn’t even need to actually build it, just negotiate Russia’s withdrawal for continued status quo on missile defenses in Eastern Europe.)

President Obama foolishly took the “Keystone Pipeline” project off-line with environmental safety excuses. But every study done has shown no significant risk. Moving ahead with the project would strengthen our economy AND our relations with Canada, both of which Putin does not want. More importantly, it would bring down the price of oil, hurting Russia’s economy.

Will President Obama say these four words? I doubt it.


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