Nonsequitur: Contemptible

April 11, 2014

We now know that Lois Lerner, Director of the IRS Exempt Organizations division, specifically targeted conservative Crossroads GPS for an audit which she described as “… working on a denial of the application ….” We know she broke federal law by e-mailing large numbers of taxpayer files to her personal e-mail account. We know Lerner lied to the inspector general. This is contemptible.

We know that Attorney General Eric Holder has refused committee requests to appoint an independent investigator into the IRS wrongdoing. (Nor will he appoint a special investigator for the Benghazi scandal.) We know that Holder has been cited for contempt of Congress (House) for not turning over documents related to the Fast and Furious scandal. We know that Attorney General Holder has directed the Justice Department NOT to enforce existing laws such as DOMA or drug laws related to marijuana and mandatory minimums. This is contemptible.


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