Nonsequitur: Obamacare Good News, Bad News, More Bad News and …That’s Just Mean!

April 18, 2014

Good News:

The President is publicly celebrating that 8 Million people have signed up for mandated healthcare through the insurance exchanges. Obamacare won’t collapse. “This thing is working,” the President proudly announced.

Of course, the CBO estimated that 9 million people would sign up, so he’s really about a million short. And he didn’t reach the 39% of new, young insurance buyers he wanted, just 28%. We also don’t know how many have paid or will pay for their new coverage. But close enough for government work.

Bad News:

Under Obamacare, Medicare Advantage beneficiaries will lose $1500 of coverage per senior. This will affect about 16 million seniors. More details here.

More Bad News:

The New York Times reports that a number of medical societies are recommending that doctors consider costs of treatment, along with efficacy. This would be a shift from focus on the individual patient’s needs, to a broader consideration of the society’s needs. In other words, a doctor may decide NOT to give you the best treatment for your illness because the costs of treatment would be too high for society (insurers, government, etc.) to absorb. (Some people call this rationing.)

That’s Just Mean:

It doesn’t affect many people, but about a dozen widows in Madison County, Alabama had their health coverage for surviving spouses dropped because of the new health care law. I guess this thing isn’t really working for them.


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