Nonsequitur: How to End Poverty

May 13, 2014

This is “third-hand” but worth a read.

Now, some people have a very tough row to hoe in life: debilitating illness, profoundly disabled children, dreadful accidents caused by nature or human error. For such people our compassion and helping hands should and must be extended.

Millions of us have at one time in our lives been part of the legions of working poor – people who struggle from paycheck to paycheck. Marrying barely out of our teens, my husband and I did not own a car for the first 7 years of our marriage, or a house for the first 12. But for a healthy, reasonably-intelligent American, you have to be really trying to be in anything close to “poverty.”

Follow these 6 simple rules and you may struggle, but you will never be in poverty:

1. Stay in school and actually pay attention. Do your homework, graduate.

2. Do not do drugs at all or drink alcohol to excess.

3. WORK. At anything. Currently, 20 percent of families have nobody working.

4. GET MARRIED. Marriage is the single-best anti-poverty tool there is. If you have a spouse, remember that two crap jobs are equal to one fairly-decent one.

5. Do not have a baby you have no intention of supporting. Do not have a baby without a lawfully wedded spouse, preferably your own.

6. Do NOT be a criminal. It is evil and hurtful to others, but most importantly, the habits and attitudes you will develop are the worst thing you can do to yourself. When you believe that you are entitled to take, by stealth or violence, something someone else has earned, then you are close to a lost cause as a human being.

Not one of these rules calls for a government program. But if every American followed them, poverty would end overnight.

(From Ammo Grrrl via Scott Johnson on PowerLine Culture.)


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