Nonsequitur: The Bergdahl Scandal?

June 3, 2014

    Is the release and return of POW Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five high level Taliban leaders yet another scandal for the Obama administration? It could be. Susan Crabtree gives a handful of reasons here. Really, it comes down to two factors: Was Bergdahl known by the administration to be a deserter (if he was one)? Will the Taliban leaders return to the battlefield?

    There are legal questions, such as whether or not the Obama administration gave Congress enough or accurate information. (It doesn’t help that Susan Rice, once again, was sent out to the press with inaccurate information.) But the real concern is American lives. At least six soldiers were killed trying to find Bergdahl. If the release of the terrorists leads to further loss of American lives or if the deal results in increased kidnapping of American soldiers, the responsibility will lie squarely on the Obama administration.


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