Nonsequitur: Missing E-mails and Missing Tapes

June 17, 2014

On Friday, the IRS claimed that 2 years of e-mails sent by Lois Lerner had been destroyed in a computer crash. The House committees are now investigating whether this falls under obstruction or violation of the Federal Records Act.


Does anyone else remember the missing tapes during the Watergate investigation? Peggy Noonan does, and she argues that this “destroyed” evidence is just as important to justice and fairness for the American people, and accountability for our government, as the missing Watergate tapes were. She’s right.


One Response to “Nonsequitur: Missing E-mails and Missing Tapes”

  1. […] IRS officials testified to Congress that Lois Lerner’s e-mails were unrecoverable, lost when her hard drive crashed and a back-up was accidently erased. But a court-mandated review […]

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