Provocateur of the Right: Paul Ryan’s Opportunity Grant

July 24, 2014

We need to measure success by results. – Congressman Paul Ryan, 2014

Republicans are often criticized for “not having a plan” as an alternative to the big-government, deficit growing programs they don’t like. But Congressman Paul Ryan (R, Wisconsin) always has an alternative plan, at least when it comes to fiscal matters. (He should. He is the chairman of the House Budget Committee. It’s his job to have a plan.)

Congressman Ryan’s assessment of poverty in America is correct. Poverty has gotten worse over the last two decades and is getting worse by the year. His plan is a simple approach he calls the Opportunity Grant. Ryan provides a short explanation of the plan here.

Ryan is not the only Republican addressing poverty. Senator Marco Rubio (R, Florida) has ideas for combating poverty, as does Senator Rand Paul(R, Kentucky).

Would any of these plans eliminate poverty in the US. Of course not. Poverty is systemic in our society, and must be dealt with systematically over time. But Ryan and Rubio and Paul are not afraid to discuss poverty and consider new ideas to combat it. And as a nation, we shouldn’t be afraid to do so either.

Read more on the history of welfare in the US.


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