Metaphor of the Moment: “The New Normal”?

August 15, 2014

Whether it is a stagnant economy, chaos oversees, gridlock in Washington, sky rocketing costs of health care (despite “comprehensive reform”) or education, everything pretty much sucks right now. You may as well throw in race relations, gender relations, inter-species relations and the weather. Those suck too.

The “New Normal” is where we are right now and where we will stay because of who and what we are. Businesses didn’t respond to the Keynesian Model; the Middle East didn’t make good on the Arab Spring; Americans are inherently racist (Eric Holder said so.); the 1% are Feudal Lords; Russia chose not to participate in the “reset”; the Millenials are self-absorbed; the Boomers are “checking out”; etc., etc., etc. Basically, as stated multiple times by the Washington Post, the New York Times, Bloomberg (the publication and the ex-mayor), Wired and a host of other media outlets – it’s your fault.

Except, it isn’t. It isn’t your fault. And it isn’t normal. The “new normal” is our leaders – political, business, media – trying to make us feel bad for their failures. Anyone who says “the new normal” means “Shut up! Just take it. It’s the best we could do.” And sadly, it is the best they can do. But we deserve better.

Don’t accept the “new normal.” Demand change. Even better, make change. Change leaders. Change who gets your money. Change who gets your attention. Most importantly, don’t listen to anyone to says it is the “new normal.” It isn’t.


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