Nonsequitur: Global Greening

September 26, 2014


While “Global Warming” appears to have stalled (or stopped?), it is clear that the climate models heralded by the IPCC are not very accurate. However, it is demonstrable that CO2 levels have increased in the Earth’s atmosphere. It is also demonstrable that these carbon increases are having a positive effect on the ground.


Recent studies by the CATO Institute and CSIRO both point to significant “global greening” or an increase in the percentage of biomass (trees, grasses, foliage, etc.) of about 11%, according to CSIRO. This effect has extended into deserts. The CATO report states: “Enhanced CO2 improves water use by plants and reduces, not increases, dry regions by making them greener.”

Matt Ridley recently gave an interesting (and short) talk on the subject:


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