Metaphor of the Moment: Plutocratic Populism

October 29, 2014

Zero interest rates have caused the stock market to spike. Along with globalization, sky-high stock prices have created staggering sums of money that translate into influence and power simply unimagined even in the late 20th century. The Obama administration has ushered in the greatest surge in inequality in the last half-century. The result is that a select few have struck it rich in the stock market as never before, as trillions of dollars have been transferred from zero-interest passbook accounts belonging to the middle class to fabulous speculative stock profits for the top few.

"...we'll tell them they can keep their plans..."

“…we’ll tell them they can keep their plans…”

Simply put, those is power share power (and money) to stay in power, while criticizing … those in power. Hypocrisy pays for those who can pay. It pays very well for Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Mark Zuckerberg, and a host of others who complain about the 1% while being the 1% and living lifestyles of the 1%. Historian Victor Hanson Davis gives details here.

Is it any wonder that banking reform, health care reform, campaign finance reform, the war on poverty, the war on drugs, and any other significant, meaningful reform is so difficult? Our leaders don’t want to change the status quo that keeps them on top. But we can have change if we act as thoughtful, uncompromising consumers and voters. If we are not satisfied with the broken promises and poor performance of our political and corporate leaders, we simply “switch brands” and vote them out. Then repeat as necessary.


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