Nonsequitur: Lawful Unlawfulness in America

November 19, 2014

If those that make the laws don’t follow those laws or enforce those laws, do those laws exist? Our leaders seem bent on ignoring the laws of the land. This seems to be happening at an increasing pace in our nation. And it is already having severe consequences.

Federal drug enforcement officials does not enforce drug laws, turning a blind eye to marijuana use and distribution, and even illegally selling guns to drug traffickers. This doesn’t go unnoticed by drug users and distributers. States then begin to “legalize” the use of illegal drugs. Guess what? The drug laws no longer matter. Drug use grows.

Criminal code and sentencing guidelines are seen by the administration as discriminatory, but rather than work with Congress to “fix” the laws, the top law enforcement officer directs prosecutors across the land to ignore the law and follow his guidelines instead. Obvious voter harassment, caught on video tape, is ignored by the Justice Department. Obvious violations of law by the IRS and EPA go unpunished and unchanged. Schools are even encouraged to decrease rates of punishment for misbehaving students based on race/ethnicity or lose federal funding. Guess what? Crime and violence increase.

Immigration laws go ignored via presidential edict with little or no response from leaders and citizenry (except those closest to the borders). This encourages more presidential edicts “for the children” that ignore safety rules that ensure public health and national security. Again, little outcry. So on Thursday, the President plans to announce his biggest amnesty Executive Action yet. Guess what? We now have open borders, despite the immigration laws meant to control and protect.

If our leaders do not respect and follow the law, neither will the people. If the President of the United States doesn’t care about the Constitution he swore to uphold, neither will the people. Central to any democracy is rule of law. Without it, all other protections are at risk, subject to those who control the money and the guns, subject to the whims of power.


One Response to “Nonsequitur: Lawful Unlawfulness in America”

  1. […] “First and foremost, we are a nation built on the rule of law” says President Obama. But why would citizens listen to a President who does not respect the rule of law? Protestors in Ferguson did not, and riots began even as the President spoke. This is the cost of accepting leaders who refuse to honor and follow Constitutional and other legal boundaries. More discussion from an earlier post here. […]

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