What Difference Does It Make? Negotiating from Strength

December 19, 2014

President Obama has “reset” relations with Russia, Iran, North Korea, the Middle East and now with Cuba.

While we have yet to see the impact of “normalization” with Cuba, we can see the results of this administration’s willingness to negotiate and capitulate to hostile and despotic governments.


Russia invades Crimea and continues to threaten the Ukraine.  Iran continues its pursuit of nuclear weapons and continues to fund and arm terrorists.  North Korea grows its nuclear weapons program and uses cyber terrorism to successfully censor a major international media company.  (Intelligence shows that North Korea may be targeting our own power grid for a cyber attack.)  Violence spreads across the Middle East as terrorist groups like ISIS and al Qaeda rebound, killing thousands of innocents.

As President Reagan said in 1986, “American strength is … a sheltering arm for freedom in a dangerous world. Strength is the most persuasive argument we have to convince our adversaries to negotiate seriously and to cease bullying other nations.” When we fail to use our strength wisely, the world suffers. When we capitulate to evil, evil thrives and spreads.


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