Nonsequitur: National Debt Grows $7.4 Trillion Under Obama

January 20, 2015

Since President Obama has taken office, the national debt has increased $7.4 Trillion to total over $18 Trillion.


The federal debt grew more during Obama’s first six years than under all previous U.S. presidents combined. Read more details here.


2 Responses to “Nonsequitur: National Debt Grows $7.4 Trillion Under Obama”

  1. […] $18.1 Trillion in debt. An economy based on part-time and/or low paying jobs in the service sector. Higher healthcare costs for most patients. Islamist terrorism. Entitlement reform. How he’s going to pay for the new programs he’s proposing. […]

  2. […] raise taxes by $3 trillion, still have big deficits, and continue to add trillions of dollars to the national debt. (Gee, it’s like the stimulus all over […]

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