Suggested Readings: Individuality. ISIS. College Degrees.

February 20, 2015

The Reader (Claude Monet)

The Reader (Claude Monet)

A new feature at poliwogg: Suggested Readings that are challenging but worth the effort. These can be books, essays or articles that the editors feel are well worth your time (although you may have missed them or avoided them earlier). The topics will be found above in the title.


This week we have two articles from the National Review and one from The Atlantic.

A Question of Elbow Room (John Dos Passos)

What ISIS Really Wants (Graeme Wood)

Scott Walker Doesn’t Need a Degree and Neither Do You (Michael Petrilli)


One Response to “Suggested Readings: Individuality. ISIS. College Degrees.”

  1. […] not being a “legitimate” religious group, their aims are based on religious belief. More about this in last week’s Suggested […]

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