On her first day on the job, Attorney General Lynch made this statement:

“I condemn the senseless acts of violence by some individuals in Baltimore that have resulted in harm to law enforcement officers, destruction of property and a shattering of the peace in the city of Baltimore. Those who commit violent actions, ostensibly in protest of the death of Freddie Gray, do a disservice to his family, to his loved ones, and to legitimate peaceful protestors who are working to improve their community for all its residents.

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Does government have the right to determine what religious beliefs are correct? Should government use its power to coerce citizens to believe a certain way? Presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton thinks so:

Boy Reading (Joshua Reynolds)

Boy Reading (Joshua Reynolds)

This week’s Suggested Readings are likely to make you uncomfortable. They deal with life and death issues, both for individuals and for society at large. They deal with threats to our existence. First we have commentary by Kirsten Powers, criticizing the Obama Administration for ignoring the blatant persecution of Christians around the world. (And not just by militant Islamists.) Next, historian Walter Russell Mead reviews the speech given last week by Iran’s Supreme Leader, noting the contrasts between the Iranian view of nuclear negotiations and the US view. Finally, we end with a short paper by Kerby Anderson, president of Probe Ministries International, “When Nations Die.” Andersons provides an overview of studies looking at the decline of cultures and civilizations throughout history.

In litigation filed in 2013 by conservative organizations targeted by Lerner and her colleagues at the IRS, a federal judge granted a motion to compel and ordered the IRS to produce the names of the 298 targeted organizations identified by the IRS for the Treasury Inspector General. – Hans von Spakovsky, Daily Signal


This improves the chances of the suit against the IRS becoming a Class Action Suit. It also will force the IRS to defend the cause for investigation should a majority (most likely large majority) of targets be conservative organizations. This scandal is not going away.

Officials in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have already demanded the exact same nuclear rights and capabilities granted to Iran in a final deal, and South Korea is expressing an interest in reprocessing for peaceful purposes.

The Obama Administration has changed, some would say eliminated, the US “zero tolerance” stance to the development of new nuclear weapons in foreign countries. We were not always successful in stopping nuclear proliferation (e.g. North Korea), but it was understood that building nukes would carry a heavy price in the international community. The Iranian Deal has changed this. Matthew Kroening offers a brief but excellent history of nuclear nonproliferation to the present day here.