Provocateur of the Right: Your Rugged Constitution

May 11, 2015

In 1952, Stanford University Press published Your Rugged Constitution, an illustrated guide to the US Constitution by Bruce and Esther Findlay. The book was reissued in 1969 and this year. An excerpt of the book is available online through the publisher.

Click to read excerpt.

Click to read excerpt.

While Stanford University Press refers to the book as a “retro reprint” and points out its “midcentury style,” the language used in the book is straightforward and, ironically, challenging for readers in today’s “Progressive” world. For example, “Our Constitution tells how our laws are to be passed and how our courts are to be run so that every citizen will get the same fair treatment from the government. Laws and punishments are the same for everyone” may seem quaint or charming to the sophisticated, modern reader. But it is both accurate and relevant to issues we are facing right now (like this or this).


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