Suggested Readings: Freedom to Speak

May 14, 2015

Sunday Morning, Virginia (Winslow Homer)

Sunday Morning, Virginia (Winslow Homer)

Freedom of Conscience, or Freedom of Thought, is void without the ability to express that conscience openly n the arena of human discourse. Around the world, there are multiple efforts to silence dissent and beat down debate through intimidation, violence, and law. This isn’t only happening overseas, in the embattled Middle East or communist-controlled Asia. It is happening right here in the United States.


Three authors/artists have challenged these threats to our liberty. Kristen Powers has just published a new book, The Silencing: How the Left Is Killing Free Speech. This book is causing quite a stir, primarily because Powers is a self-identified liberal. A kind of preview is available through Powers’ recent article in The Daily Beast, “How Liberals Ruined College“. Mark Steyn, outspoken critic of censorship of any kind, also has a book dealing with threats to free speech, titled Lights Out: Islam, Free Speech And The Twilight Of The West. Steyn has current commentary* on the events in Garland, Texas, “Stay Quiet and You’ll Be Ok.” The final entry in this critical response to the war on free speech, “Feeding Frenzy on Free Speech,” is a cartoon by Glenn Foden*.

*While Foden’s cartoon does not contain a representation of any religious leader, Mark Steyn, true to his defense of free and open debate, does include sample artwork from the Garland cartoon contest in his essay.


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