*The law governing benefit amounts may change because, by 2033, the payroll taxes collected will be enough to pay only about 77 percent of scheduled benefits.

Social Security will be broke in less than 20 years. Don’t believe it? The Social Security Administration does. That’s why your SS Benefits statement includes the preceding disclaimer explaining why retirees won’t get full benefits. Myra Adams of the National Review gives details.

Judicial Watch reports that Mexican drug cartels not only continue to smuggle large amounts of drugs (including heroin and marijuana) and illegal aliens across our southwest border, they also have smuggled Islamist terrorists into the country. Read the JW report here. Read the cited State of Texas, Department of Public Safety report here.


Scott Walker on how he would change how federal government works. It could just be talk, I guess, but he actually did it in Wisconsin.

Woman in Blue Reading Letter (Johannes Vermeer)

Woman in Blue Reading Letter (Johannes Vermeer)

When I introduced “Suggested Readings,” I said that I would offer articles and essays on difficult subjects. The revelation that Planned Parenthood regularly sells fetal body parts to various medical and research organizations has been difficult for many to consider. But the ethical and legal issues involved make this worth discussing.

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To disagree is to insult. To correct another is to be a hater. And to refuse to acknowledge alternative views, no matter how fantastic or inane, is to be closed-minded. – Tom Nichols

In a recent article, “The Death of Expertise,” Tom Nichols suggests that in modern American society, it is virtually impossible to have debate, because amateurs deny the authority of experts. In this setting, any attempt to discuss any topic is restricted by the limited knowledge of the amateur. The expert must spend time (usually a few minutes) trying to bring the amateur “up to speed.” But generally, the amateur doesn’t want to do this, believing that he/she has all the information needed. “My opinion is just as valid as yours” is the mantra, even though the expert has the benefit of years of extensive training and experience, and the amateur doesn’t.

You can see this demonstrated directly in an exchange between Senator Ted Cruz and a Code Pink protester (via the Washington Examiner). Cruz bravely hands over the microphone to hear the protester’s concerns, then counters with direct evidence and expert analysis, which is dismissed. Kudos to Senator Cruz for practicing good democratic debate. But it is probably lost on the protesters.