Metaphor of the Moment: Reliving 1938?

July 21, 2015

The Obama administration has made appeasement the core of their foreign policy. They have given in to unpopular and unrealistic demands from China, Russia, Palestine and, of course, Iran. The Obama administration has turned a blind eye to illegal military aggression committed by Russia, Syria, North Korea and, of course, Iran. The President and his State department have openly declared they will sacrifice American interests to hostile governments if necessary to attain peace. This includes, of course, Iran.


Is President Obama’s 2015 nuclear treaty with Iran as bad as the Munich Agreement of 1938? We can’t know for sure the future consequences of the new agreement. But we can compare the current militant theocratic government of Iran with the militant fascist government of Germany of the 1930s. Dennis Prager offers a short but concise comparison in The Iran Deal Appeases the Greatest Evil of Our Time. You can decide for yourself if Prager is guilty of hyperbole or accurately describing a dangerous response to a threat to world peace … again.


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