Nonsequitur: Is Obama Right About the Iran Agreement?

August 5, 2015


Today President Obama argued that the recent Iran Agreement is the only way to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons and the only way to prevent a war with Iran. (You can read the text of his speech here.) But the primary thing this agreement does is lift the economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for limited inspections. In fact, the best deterrent to building a nuclear weapon is the cost of building a nuclear weapon. The President’s agreement puts money back into the pockets of the Iranian government, who can then either use that money to develop nuclear technologies or simply buy them from North Korea or Russia. This accord makes it more likely that Iran will forward its nuclear capabilities, not less likely.

One more thing to keep in mind. The President has made a number of speeches on the imperatives of his policies. These include health care, resetting with Russia, “shovel-ready” stimulus projects, “leading from behind” in Libya, the “red line” in Syria, etc. He has been consistently wrong about the final results of his policies. When dealing with nuclear weapons in the hands of a militant theocracy with terrorist connections, we can’t afford for the President to be wrong again.


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