Suggested Readings: Rule of Law in America

August 31, 2015

Man Reading (John Singer Sargent)

Man Reading (John Singer Sargent)

The importance of “rule of law” as a foundation for a constitutionally governed society cannot be overstated. The US is made up of citizens (and non-citizens) from every part of the world with a wide range of religious and political beliefs. Our people often have competing interests and even competing rights. Our Constitution both guides our government and ensures our individual rights. But without the rule of law, these Constitutional protections mean very little. This week I offer three articles, ranging from the scholarly to the practical, demonstrating this.

In “Rule of Law: The Great Foundation of Our Constitution,” Matthew Spalding provides both a history and an argument demonstrating the value of the rule of law. Troy Senick offers commentary on the current state of this foundation in “The long, slow death of the rule of law in America.” Finally, direct evidence of the conflict between political influence and the rule of law can be seen in Elise Cooper’s account, “Fighting Back Against Abuse of Power.”


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