Nonsequitur: Hillary Clinton’s Lies About Her E-mail

October 9, 2015


Stephen F. Hayes documents nicely the actual work the Benghazi committee has carried out and some of their findings so far. Included in his article, “Drip Drip Drip,” is this summation of Secretary Clinton’s false statements:


Clinton at first claimed she turned over all work-related emails to the State Department. False. (The committee later found emails between Clinton and both Sidney Blumenthal and David Petraeus that were not included by Clinton in her initial production.) She claimed that she turned over her emails in response to a routine request the State Department made of former secretaries. False. (A State Department spokesman acknowledged the request for Clinton’s emails was triggered by the revelation that she had a private server.) She claimed she never received a subpoena for the emails. False. (Gowdy produced one publicly to demonstrate that Clinton’s claim was untrue.) She claimed she used only one email device as secretary of state. False. (Clinton herself has acknowledged using multiple devices, and FOIA requests make clear that she used at least an iPad and a BlackBerry.) She claimed that she withheld her “personal” emails because of her private communications with her husband, among others. False. (A spokesman for Bill Clinton said the former president has sent just two emails in his life, both when he was president.) She claimed she never sent classified information on her email. False. (Reviews by the inspector general for the intelligence community found dozens of Clinton’s email exchanges included classified information.) She claimed that everything she did with respect to her email was allowed. False. (Clinton’s email setup indisputably violated the record retention requirements of the Obama administration, and the chief transparency officer at the State Department said the arrangement was “not acceptable.”) She claimed Blumenthal’s emails to her were “unsolicited.” False. (Clinton repeatedly solicited more information from Blumenthal in their email exchanges.)


You can read Haye’s full article here.


One Response to “Nonsequitur: Hillary Clinton’s Lies About Her E-mail”

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