Suggested Readings: Justice vs Social Justice

December 29, 2015


Man Reading
(John Singer Sargent)

In this “age of victimization,” it is easy for concepts such as “rule of law” and “fair play” to be drowned out by the protest-driven and violence-implied shouts for “justice.”  But what is “justice” and is this really what these self-identified victims want?  Here are some thoughts by others that may offer some enlightenment.


First, we need to consider what “Social Justice” is or isn’t.  A very good summation, relying heavily on the mainstays of social justice theory – John Rawls and David Miller, is presented here (courtesy Dr. Matthew Robinson).  Another view of social justice theory, the aptly titled “Social Justice: Not What You Think It Is,” is available through the Heritage Foundation’s Michael Novak.


For the conservative view of justice, sometimes called traditional justice, I suggest this essay by Russell Kirk on “The Meaning of Justice.” Finally,  Thomas Sowell considers traditional versus social justice in his 1999 speech, “The Quest for Cosmic Justice.


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