Suggested Readings: History Lessons

February 29, 2016

Reading Woman with Parasol 1921 by Henri Matisse 1869-1954

Reading Woman with Parasol (Henri Matisse) 

This week’s readings offer warnings (hopefully heeded) about the dangers we seem to be rushing toward with abandon, again.  Each is an existential challenge for our nation, and totally avoidable if we are thoughtful, purposeful and honest in our choices.


Historian Victor Hanson Davis discusses “World War II’s Appeasement Mistakes and How History Is Repeating Itself.”  Of course, it isn’t history that is repeating the mistakes, it is our leaders.  The mortal cost of WWII was tragic and appalling.  Another world war would be devastating beyond imagination.  You can read his essay here.

National Review’s Matt Patterson gives us another kind of history lesson.  He describes our current state of governance:

Since the New Deal, there have been six Republican presidents. But Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and both Bushes all failed to stop the growth of government. In fact, most of the Republican presidents since FDR have been willing and enthusiastic co-conspirators in the care and overfeeding of our government behemoth.

Patterson goes to explain how liberalism became embedded in our major social structures and offers, albeit generally, a way back.  His essay is available here.

Thomas Sowell‘s, “The Lure of Socialism,” is a brief consideration of why the offer of free stuff (healthcare, education, etc.) made by President Obama and Bernie Sanders is so appealing, and dangerously misleading, to young people.  You can read it here.




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