Nonsequitur: Who Is This Trump Guy, Anyway?

March 15, 2016

Donald Trump has been called a lot things by a lot of people.  He’s been called Hitler, Mussolini, Julius Caesar and, my personal favorite, Loki the Trickster.  (He does have the hair of a frost giant.)  One Republican candidate calls him a con man.  One former candidate says there are two of him.  And one former candidate calls him “friend.”  (Of course, that former candidate is known to have a man-crush every now and then.)  Just about everybody calls him a liar.

However, the real Donald Trump is … Donald Trump.  His act isn’t an act.  It is who he is.


If you want to know what kind of president Trump would be, just look at what kind of businessman, or investor, or reality show host, or husband, he has been.  That’s how he would be if elected President. There are plenty of old news stories, video clips, articles on his several bankruptcies,  and even books he has written (or paid to have ghost written) to see the real Donald Trump.  Sports fans should check out the ESPN documentary, Small Potatoes: Who Killed the USFL?  (It’s on Netflix.)




Trump has been fairly consistent in his personality and style, if not in his politics.  Mostly what has changed is us.  In his previous runs for political office, he wasn’t taken seriously because of his lack of experience and his lack of self-control.  But for a large slice of the voting population now, it seems he is what we need and what we’ve been waiting for.  Just like the Trump Plaza.




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